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/* UUID string: 7072326b-95b0-4822-a5e1-b2cc47875ae5 */
int uuid_byte_array[16u] = {0x70,0x72,0x32,0x6b,0x95,0xb0,0x48,0x22,0xa5,0xe1,0xb2,0xcc,0x47,0x87,0x5a,0xe5}; 
int ti_reverse_uuid[16u] = {0xe5,0x5a,0x87,0x47,0xcc,0xb2,0xe1,0xa5,0x22,0x48,0xb0,0x95,0x6b,0x32,0x72,0x70};
int uuid_length = 16u;

Some Firmware such as TI RTOS with SimpleLink stack require a reverse UUID byte array. This UUID to C code byte array converter instantly converts UUID strings to a TI SimpleLink compatible byte array UUID.
2019-05-25: Made v4 compliant.

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