Smart Bluetooth 5 (BLE5) IoT Engineer for hire with TI's CC2640R2F!

Freelance IoT Developer

Jérôme is a passionate French Embedded Software Engineer based in the UK. With his Master degree from the University of Strasbourg (France) and a broad engineering skill set, Jerome develops IoT devices from scratch or provides help to do so (Electronics, Firmware, Software, Web, Apps...).

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Best Freelance IoT Firmware Embedded Software Engineer for Hire!

Embedded Software

Experienced senior embedded software engineer for hire.

Top Embedded Software Engineer with extensive experience in Microcontroller Bare Metal and embedded RTOS environments. Recent experiences in firmware and peripheral drivers development include Smart Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 5), Displays, Touchscreens, motor control...

IoT to Market

Experienced IoT development engineer for hire.

By grouping his broad experiences, Jerome will help you to bring your IoT idea to the market! We will discuss your need help with the prototyping, sourcing, manufacturing, quality control or team coordination.

Safety | Reliability

Experienced Automotive Firmware Engineer for hire.

Besides of consumer products development, Jerome has acquired experience in the Automotive industry and their standards such as functional safety and reliability. Harsh environment and explosive atmosphere safety standards were gained while developing for the mining industry.