Freelance IoT Engineer

Jérôme is a passionate French Embedded Software Engineer based in the UK. With his Master degree from the University of Strasbourg (France) and a broad engineering skill set, Jerome develops IoT devices from scratch or provides help to do so (Electronics, Firmware, Software, Web, Apps...). You will get the unique mix of experience for both hardware electronics and firmware engineering.

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Main expertise

My main experience is by far related to Microcontrollers. I have developed embedded peripheral drivers for: Displays (LCD & OLED), Capacitive Touchscreens, motor control, etc.
My most recent experience is an application around Smart Bluetooth / Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
I mostly develop Bare Metal with a recent experience in embedded RTOS.


- 2019: TI CC2652R1 BLE 5 multi role (central + peripheral), RTOS, ARM® Cortex®-M4F.
- 2017-18: TI CC2640R2F BLE 5 multi role (central + peripheral), RTOS, ARM® Cortex®-M3. Secure encrypted OTA firmware upgrade.
- 2016: Cypress PSoC 4 BLE, ARM® Cortex®-M0.
- 2015: Atmel SAM4C, ARM® Dual-Cortex®-M4.
- 2015: Atmel XMEGA and all Atmel capacitiv touch controllers MaxTouch (MXT).
- Microchip p18f4431 for 3-Phases BLDC motor control.
- Microchip 8-16-32-dsPIC microcontrollers.
- Freescale MC9S12DP512 (Motorola), multilingual graphic color LCD for explosive atmosphere.

- UI: LCD & Oled drivers. RAMTEX GUI graphic library, capacitive touch controllers.
- Peripheral drivers: UART, Flash, ADC, DMA, PWM, SPI, CAN, I2C, Modbus, Profibus, BLE. Encrypted secure bootloader. Assembly startup.
- IoT ready. Low power, low memory optimised.
- Some of my experiences in embedded C code development have required the use of MISRA-C standard & Automotive Spice 2 compliant.
- I usually do version control with SVN and GIT.

Electronics Hardware Experience

Despite my main experience being firmware development, I do have an academic electronics background and multiple industrial experiences:
- 2017: On the strength of my experience, I have assisted my client in the development of multiple IoT PCBs.
- 2016: I needed a new challenge and have create an entire IoT prototype from scratch and by myself; Schematics & PCB layout. BOM, DFM. Sourcing. Prototyping SMT reflow. PMIC; Low power. Bluetooth Smart/BLE.
- Analog and digital design to create a high power, 3 phases electric motor speed control. (Schematics, PCB, BOM, prototype).
This involved IGBT, SMPS, ...
- Other boards with EMI, EMC and vibration constrain.
And following the standards for ATEX, IECEx, IEC 61508 Functional Safety.
- Target3001! Schematics, BOM & PCB design expert freelancer.


MISRA-C, ATEX & IECEx intrinsic safety (Explosive Atmospheres), IE 61508 Functional Safety, Spice 2 Automotive, high voltage, vibrations...


Daily use of JIRA, Bugzilla or Redmine as tasks and issue tracking software.
I have done specific custom test equipment development, some software (dotNET, shell, batch) as well as hardware (i.e. ultra fast SPI protocol testing based on Atmel SAM4C-EK cortex M4 microcontroller).


HTML, XML, PHP, JS, Ajax, Apache, SQL & databases, WordPress. Graphics using The Gimp.
eComerce, Google Ads, Shopify Partner and Apps, Woocomerce.
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Android applications

Eclipse and Android-Studio. Low battery drain algorithms. Permanent background service.
Smali JAVA byte code level analysis.
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Python, Visual Studio dotNET, win/unix batch scripts...
Macros Microsoft Excel VBA, Macros Google Spreadsheets.


French Native. French Nationality (EU).
English Fluent, daily use since 2012.
Spanish Conversational.
German Conversational.
Portuguese Beginner.

Other skills and experiences

Some experience in project and team management.
Customers service, email and phone, native French and good English.
Academic knowledges in electrics, mechanics, optics, thermics, fluids, PLC, and more.

Please have a look at my latest formal CV (pdf).


Yupana Engineering Ltd is a UK company serving you around the world.
Freelance remote work is prefered. Possibility of travelling or temporary worldwide relocation.


Email: Jerome (AT)