Freelance TI CC2640R2F Embedded Software Engineer

Meet Jerome, a passionate French Freelance TI CC2640R2F Embedded Software Engineer based in the UK!
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Jerome is working as freelance IoT firmware developer using TI's BLE controller CC2640R2F (ARM® Cortex®-M3). The IoT device implemented both BLE peripheral and BLE central as a multi-role device:
Embedded software development with the LaunchXL-CC2640R2 Launchpad, a cost effective flexible Evaluation Board.
Connection for up to 5 BLE peripheral servers were handled with blob read/write characteristics up to 512 bytes.
Scan Response filtering on service UUID.
Notify subscription, read and write characteristics.
Using TI-RTOS and Bios.
TI's Code Composer Studio development environment.
Low RAM embedded software to compensate against the high BLE Stack and TI-RTOS RAM consuption.
Low Power TI sensor controller configuration.
Low Power CPU sleep modes, ARM cortex.
Low level CC2640R2F drivers for SPI, I2C, UART and PWM peripheral.
I˛C Driver for Capacitive Touch controller, Azoteq IQS333.
TI's CC2640R2F is Bluetooth 5 Ready, with support for Long Range Coded PHY in IoT devices.
PCB and Schematic drawings review.
BOM and component sourcing.
Crystal 24MHz calibration of CC2640R2F.
Development tests and tweeks of the CC2640R2F BLE radio.
Production test fixture engineer for CC2640R2F embedded system.
Secure encrypted OTA firmware upgrade of the CC2640R2F.
Embedded secure bootloader for CC2640R2F.
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